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June 28th, 2021 mamuhsl-admin

Dare to Dream is an initiative to develop the capacity of JUTE Theatre Company to deliver ongoing Indigenous programs to regional and remote communities in Queensland.

The aim is to

  • Engage Indigenous young people in education
  • Provide access to theatre/based skills development to Indigenous young people
  • Nurture the aspirations of Indigenous young people through celebration of Indigenous success stories and exposure to positive role models.
  • Provide opportunities for Indigenous young people to build their self-confidence and self-esteem, team work, writing and performance, self-expression

Big Success

It was a big success in Innisfail with 12 kids building heaps of great skills.
At the start of the week the kids were very quiet but along the way they started to get much more confident and worked really well together.

A lot of the kids did not know each other so it was great to see the friendships that were built. I was amazed by the dance that the children created with Taeg’s help. The dance was made up of the children choosing an animal and making up four steps per person and combining it altogether.

At the end of the week the children put on a show for family and community to attend and did an unbelievable job. They all introduced themselves to the audience and told them what home meant to them, then played a game of bus stop and performed a song and dance routine. Lastly they acted out a couple of the scenes from the GET YOUR GEEK ON Productions with their own little twist.

It was incredible to see how this program helped kids built confidence, team work skills and self-expression.

Written by Keagen Widdicombe

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