Covid-19 Information and Updates

Stay Safe

Mamu Health Services encourages the community to abide by Queensland Health directives and to maintain social distancing and wear masks where appropriate outdoors.  Large gatherings that do not comply with COVID-19 Safe Events directives should be reported to the police and avoided at all costs.  If you have attended any of the contact tracing venues or have come into contact with someone who has we implore you to get tested immediately and self-isolate until you have a negative test result returned.

Mamu Health Service is administering AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines from our Mums & Bubs Clinic at 25 Glady Street, Innisfail.  Please call 4061 5188 to make an appointment.

Keep Up-to-date with the Covid 19 - Contact Tracing here.

Good Hygiene

  • Good hygiene includes washing your hands, covering your coughs and cleaning your home or workplace.

Physical Distancing

  • Find out how to practise physical distancing in public, at home, at work, and in schools.

Public Gatherings

  • Understand the limits that apply to essential gatherings and non-essential gatherings.


  • Wearing a mask can help protect you and those around you if you are in an area with community transmission, and physical distancing is not possible.


  • Read about what isolation is, steps you should take while in isolation, and what to do if you live with someone in isolation.


  • Read about what quarantine is, who must go into quarantine, and what to do if you live with someone in quarantine.

What is a coronavirus and COVID-19?

How is this coronavirus spread?

Can I leave home?

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

What do I do if I develop symptoms?

How can we help prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Should I be tested for COVID-19?

Who needs to isolate?

Someone I live with is getting tested for COVID-19. Should I self-isolate and get tested as well?

What does isolate in your home mean?

What is social distancing, and why is it important?

Who is most at risk

How is the virus treated?

Can I visit family and friends in aged care facilities?

What are the limits on public gatherings?

What about public transport like planes, buses, trains, ride shares and taxis?

What about working from home?

Should I be taking my kids out of childcare or school?

Should I wear a face mask?

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