DC Team Regional Week

December 3rd, 2020 mamuhsl-admin
This Week the Deadly Choices team here at Mamu have become heavily involved in the start of the regional Deadly Choices events for the week starting with the choosing of 2 students from Innisfail State College showing leadership initiative and respect, Mr Lachlan Kovocich and Mr Timothy Seden were chosen to accompany miss Tania Ramsey to Kuranda on the 1/12 to the Rainforestation Park in Kuranda where they met Woman’s NRL Superstar Tallisha Harden, they were joined by Mulungu (Mareeba) Deadly Choice Team and Cairns Deadly Choice team and Brisbane’s Deadly Choice team. Lachlan was interviewed by Miss Tallisha and explained that he was very grateful to be there and participate in the Deadly Choices Program. The boys got the chance to perform with the traditional dance troop on stage and show off their shake a leg dance moves.
On the 02/12 the young boys and Tania were thrilled to take part in Kuku Yalanji Tours located in Cooya beach with accompany by the elders of the land DC Teams and NRL superstar Mr Willie Tonga walking in knee deep water though mangroves hunting with traditional spears and gathering mud crabs, sand crabs and periwinkles to cook up on the beach with a secret chilli and coconut oil blend, while listening to traditional stories and looking at the display of ancient indigenous artefacts. They finished up with a game of basketball with Willie and Timothy had his chance to be interviewed and explained why hunting and gathering was so important to him and his family. Overall it was a success and a wonderful experience each of them will never forget. .

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